Early voting in Maryland began yesterday (Thursday, October 25). It continues till next Thursday, Nov. 1 INCLUDING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Oct. 27 and 28. Check the messages about Early Voting and its advantages from candidates and advocates, and Plan to Vote -- then help your friends, neighbors and community to make their voices heard too.




Here’s a message from Ben Jealous and Susie Turnbull, whom we have endorsed for Governor:

Oct. 25

Today, early voting begins in Maryland.

We're depending on Democrats to turn out in record numbers this year to win -- that's because we need more than 1 million votes to beat Larry Hogan. It won't be easy, but we can do it with your help.

Don't wait until Election Day to vote -- do it now. It's the same process as voting the day of, but you skip the linesben_jealous_hustings.jpg -- and it leaves you more time to get other folks to the polls. Learn more about early voting in Maryland and find your polling place today!

Thank you -- this is getting real, and every success we've had is because of the hard work and support of folks like you. When we win next month, I won't forget that.



Here is Progressive Maryland’s message on the first day of Early Voting. Check those links to the state elections folks, because they include information on how YOU CAN STILL REGISTER TO VOTE ON THE SPOT IN EARLY VOTING. Documents (photo ID and proof of residence, like a utility bill) are required, so give the entry your attention under the subhead “Who Can Vote Early?”


From the Metropolitan DC Council AFL-CIO (Oct. 25)

Early voting guide: Early voting starts today in Maryland and runs through Thursday, November 1; click here for details. Early voting in DC began on October 22 and goes through November 2; details here. There’s no early voting in Virginia, but you can vote absentee in-person if you have a valid excuse for not being able to vote on Election Day; details here. And click here for the 2018 Metro Washington Council's endorsements.




Has Larry Hogan done a good job of keeping his distance from Trump? Not according to Seventh State’s David Lublin: http://www.theseventhstate.com/?p=11661

Inconveniently for Hogan, hundreds of state workers rallied for decent treatment from Hogan’s administration the day before Early Voting began: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-state-workers-rally-20181024-story.html


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (nonprofit, nonpartisan) has issue discussions https://secure.cbf.org/site/R?i=koCJGv_a1lIzPHKnnfbmVA

 and also video of county-level candidate forums http://www.cbf.org/events/maryland/maryland-candidate-forums.html

People’s Action, the national affiliate of Progressive Maryland, has endorsed Ben Jealous for Governor and PA activist LAUREL WALES outlines the reasons for putting him over the top:

“People's Action is proud to join our member organization Progressive Maryland in endorsing Ben Jealous for governor of Maryland.

“Ben Jealous has long proven that he gets the job done as a progressive leader. He has spent decades working on human rights policy and advocacy. In 2013, he was named Marylander of the Year by the Baltimore Sun for his role in helping abolish the death penalty, establish marriage equality legislation, expand voting rights, and pass the DREAM Act to aid young immigrants. His successes working for marginalized groups show his commitment to long-term change.

“We can make our voices heard on the issues we care about most, but only if we get out and vote for our champions. Candidates that People’s Action endorses commit to our platform:

  • Health care as a human right
  • Mass liberation instead of incarceration
  • Respect and sovereignty for indigenous nations
  • Climate justice
  • Housing justice
  • Dignity in work
  • Education equity
  • A just immigration system

Now it’s time to take action to make sure that your voice is heard.


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