News_You_Can_Use_graphic_(2).pngDemocrats in Maryland swept the top state elected offices -- governor, comptroller and attorney general -- and all three now have a long list of promises to keep. They or their campaigns are responding to questions about how to get there from here. Plus health news that could have been buried by 24/7 ballot-counting, and the steady rumble of statewide education policy, gearing up for big changes.

And -- big surprise -- Georgia officials have already come up with a way to excuse voter suppression for the Senate runoff.



For Monday, November 14

Dem Trifectas-plus in 4 states and counting…

Maryland was among four states (as of this article from Inside Climate News) to elect Democrats across top state leadership: Four States Just Got a ‘Trifecta’ of Democratic Control, Paving the Way for Climate and Clean Energy Legislation -- Democrats in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota now run state government—and environmental organizations see the opportunity for more ambitious and equitable policies.

And -- big surprise -- Georgia officials have already come up with a way to excuse voter suppression for the Senate runoff Dec. 6.



Wes Moore’s transition team is filling up; here’s a deep dive from the Baltimore Sun.  Maryland Matters covers similar territory with a longer list of transition participants

Third time was a charm – As the first Black governor elected in Maryland, Wes Moore may face unique challenges. Twice in the last eight years, Black male Democratic candidates failed to beat Larry Hogan in a state where Democrats have a two-to-one registration advantage. Maryland Matters asked two Black governors from other states what they would tell Moore about his path and its pitfalls.


New RSV Resource Webpage, Funding: The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) today launched a new webpage with resources about respiratory virus infections spreading this fall and steps Marylanders can rapidly take to protect themselves. Maryland Department of Health/Southern Maryland Chronicle

Respiratory Syncytial Virus, otherwise known as RSV, accounts for 57% of new hospitalizations in the state, according to Dr. Jinlene Chan, deputy secretary of public health services at the Maryland Health Department. The state is reallocating $25 million in federal COVID-19 relief funding and will be distributed statewide but not all the hospitals will be given the same amount. WYPR

Fentanyl Accounts For Most Opioid-Related Deaths: Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, accounts for the majority of all opioid-related overdose deaths in Maryland. In 2020, the drug was present in 70 percent of all opioid-related deaths, though, due to overlap between the use of these drugs, that percentage may be larger. Capital News Service in


At hearing, dozens offer their suggestions for tweaking education reform plan

Forty-one people who testified during a virtual public hearing Thursday afternoon said some important items have been left out of Maryland’s nearly 180-page Blueprint for education plan.

Among the missing, they said, are a specific process to integrate arts education into the overall plan, an adequate definition of cultural competency for school staff and flexibility to raise the minimum teacher salary above $60,000 to keep pace with inflation. Maryland Matters


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