March for Science? We have to, because the facts of our world are being hijacked and falsified by those who have a vested interest in ignorance, the precondition of exploitation.

/PM BlogSpace Report/ Who could have imagined that we would find ourselves “Marching for Science”?

Science is just there. It’s knowledge about our world and how to live in it, fully as humans and in harmony with the full surround of our planet – and universe.

Paradoxically, it’s been the discoveries of the last century or so that have shown how much of that world remains hidden from us – even as we learn more about it – that have injected enough uncertainty to allow those who profit from ignorance to proclaim that knowledge, expertise, the authority of facts itself, don’t really exist.

Those who are now in charge of our government are those who got there by trashing the idea of knowledge, and substituting their own falsehoods. When ordinary folks are made uncertain about what’s good and bad for them, the bad guys do what they please. – and make more money at it, in ways that inevitably cost the rest of us money, health and our futures.

That’s why we have to march, and why Progressive Maryland is joining that march tomorrow (Saturday, April 22 – Earth Day – feeder march at 11:15 a.m.).

“Deeper than our specific goals of economic and social justice, progressivism is a philosophy rooted in improving and advancing the human condition. Side-by-side with social organization at the bedrock of progressivism are advancements in science and technology and the belief that these can benefit all of humanity.

“The Trump administration’s assault on established facts and fundamental truths is nothing new, although their efforts represent the most concerted attack on the values of progress in living memory. We march to show solidarity with those who carry out the important work of science, whose expertise is needed now more than ever as we face societal-level threats like climate change and opportunities like the green energy revolution that lies tantalizingly close.

“Progressive Maryland members will be joining in the march and will rendezvous at Freedom Plaza (just south of Metro Center) around 11:15 a.m. and at 11:45 will proceed to the march's main stage north of the Washington Monument.




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