A hearing in Prince George's Aug. 6 offers a chance to persuade officials that Maryland's Climate Plan deserves renewal and support

/By Susan Ungar/

We all have a tremendous opportunity on Thursday, August 6, 5:30-8:00 pm at 1801 McCormick Drive in Largo. We can move our state forward on climate change mitigation and adaptation because our Climate Action Plan is up for renewal in 2016 and we can help make that happen.

We can help make that happen because the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), Commission on Climate Change is holding a hearing, right here in Prince George’s County, on our Climate Action Plan (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan). By showing up at the hearing, we can show the Commission, and legislators who are coming to the hearing, that we want to continue action on climate change.

 We can help make it happen if you come.

 They are holding the hearing because MDE is currently drafting its report on the status of the initiatives and the programs in the Plan and they want our input. The report on the Plan will go to the legislature in the fall and our input will be part of the report.

 Will you come and be part of renewing our Climate Change Plan? About 100 people can fill the hearing room, and it should be filled with supporters of the Climate Action plan.

That way the Commission members, and legislators who will also be attending the hearing, will understand that their Prince George’s County constituents want action on the Climate Plan.

 The state’s own summary of the plan’s benefits says “The Plan will support a green economy, preserve valuable agricultural and forest land, aid in restoring Chesapeake Bay, diversify energy sources, and promote renewable energy.”

County residents can speak before the Commission or they can write their comment and leave it with the Commissioners. Either way, they are still sending a strong message to the Commissioners that the Plan is important to all of us. 

 If you would like to have more information about the hearing process and examples of comments made by others about this issue, please contact Susan Ungar at [email protected].

More information about the Climate Action Plan can be found at (http://climatechange.maryland.gov/publications/greenhouse-gas-emissions-reduction-act-plan/).

 If you have any additional questions about the hearing or the Plan, you can contact Susan Ungar at 301-758-5033 or 301-262-6530.

 Susan Ungar is the team leader of the Prince George’s County Organizing for Action Climate Change Team.

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