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Calling for the passage of the 2023 Reclaim Renewable Energy Act

Environmentally overburdened communities call for the passage of Reclaim Renewable Energy Act Bill: Maryland is fighting for the environment in a way that many states have been unable to match. Maryland Legislators announced the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act (RREA) of 2023 (SB590/HB718), which seeks to fix environmental injustices caused by fossil fuel companies and make renewable energy more accessible. The goal of RREA is to clean up Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by removing factory farm gas and trash incineration from being listed as “renewable.” This will help reduce the negative effects of air pollution, improve public health outcomes, and address the climate crisis. Notably, the bill seeks to repair long-standing environmental injustices that have disproportionately burdened communities of color with support for the vulnerable communities.  This announcement was met with deserved enthusiasm from local residents who have long suffered from air pollution caused by nearby facilities that burn fossil fuels and dump pollutants into the surrounding environment.    “As a child I never considered that a tall smoke stack that welcomed me to Baltimore, spewed so many dangerous chemicals into the air and contiguous to the community I live in. This particulate matter, even emitted at low levels, can cause neurological dysfunctions, preterm births, and lung cancer. My community should no longer be a “dumping ground” and suffer at the hands of power holders who pander to “greenwashing” utility companies. At its core, this is environmental exploitation, and it's time for decision-makers to pass the RREA.” Said Godwin Kennedy, a 35-year-old black resident of Cherry Hill in South Baltimore.   Progressive Maryland remains committed to helping those affected most by environmental racism. Low-income black communities are often situated in “sacrifice zones'' due to racist worldviews of inferiority as they are seen as less politically viable. The reality is, on a monthly basis, these communities are paying Baltimore Gas and Electric to one day give their children cancer. Trash incineration is not clean, it's a slow death and power holders should pass the RREA bill NOW. With this act, Maryland sets a powerful example for other states around the country in how they can begin healing environmental injustice and transitioning away from dirty fossil fuels towards a more sustainable future powered by renewable energy sources so that our communities can thrive. - SirJames Weaver, Progressive Maryland's Environmental Justice Organizer   Continue reading

Statement on Prince George's County Sample Ballots

The supposed “Democratic Sample Ballots” produced by a Slate Committee using our name have not been authorized or approved by Progressive Maryland staff or its board of directors. We have asked candidates using this Slate committee to cease using the New Era Slate Committee resources for any further production or distribution of these sample ballots immediately.    Continue reading

Statement Supporting Safe Abortions

This morning, the Supreme Court made the horrifying decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights. Progressive Maryland issued the following statement supporting reproductive rights:   Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, June 21, 2022

Yesterday marked the national holiday commemorating Juneteenth and today marks another day of hearings by the January 6 Commission looking into the deadly insurrection carried out  at the U.S. Capitol last year. It certainly is a momentous time in our country. The work of the Commission is a reminder of how important it is to shine a light on Trump’s actions and the attempts by white nationalists and their backers to overturn our democracy.  Juneteenth celebrations and events provide a way to keep telling the truth about our country’s history. We hope you had a chance to honor this significant day in some way. Read our statement on Juneteenth if you haven’t yet. Juneteenth is also known as Freedom Day, so here at Progressive Maryland, we’re reflecting  on the ways in which these two events are converging, and the need to keep speaking truth to power in order to be free. We know that preserving our democracy, confronting our past, and making sure the truth prevails can help us build a better Maryland.  Elections play a central role in this struggle for a better state and a better world. Let’s make sure that everyone participates in the Primary election and that progressives prevail at the ballot box. We need to ensure that candidates who believe in our democracy and who will work to advance racial justice get elected! Our individual votes and voices can open up a New Era in Maryland politics. We only have 28 days left to gather and harness the power of the grassroots. Sign up to join our growing election team! On the state level, we will choose a new Governor, a new Comptroller, a new Attorney General, and who we send to the Maryland General Assembly. We’ll also decide who will represent us on the local level in County offices, on School Boards, and in Central Committees, as well as Judges and some city officials. Check out Progressive Maryland’s endorsed candidates.    Continue reading

Freedom, Joy and Healing - A Juneteenth Statement

  On this Juneteenth 2022, I’m asking you to understand history, celebrate progress, and uplift the importance of intersectionality in the work toward freedom and justice. A statement by Christianne Marguerite, Director of Communications at Progressive Maryland.    Continue reading


  Official statement: MOTION TO PROCEED ON HEALTHCARE DEBATE NARROWLY PASSES IN SENATE Statement of Beth Landry, Healthcare Organizer for Progressive Maryland, on this afternoon's Senate vote passing a motion to proceed on healthcare debate. Continue reading


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Reflections on Trump's Election

We're all reeling from Trump's election and asking ourselves what happened. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland BlogSpace Weekend Reader

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Hogan's school schedule move latest in a campaign to divide state and build a base

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