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Paid Sick Leave for Marylanders, After Four Years, Makes It to the House Floor

Advocates have pressed for four years for a way for 700,000 Maryland low-income workers to earn paid sick leave on the job. The House version of the bill has finally made it past the money committee and will get a vote on the floor. Continue reading

Getting your information in Maryland's current media landscape

News on paper has ebbed badly over the past few years, and casual Net browsing just may not bring you the whole truth. How can progressive Marylanders improve their quality of information? Continue reading

School improvement -- or tax dollars for religious indoctrination in private schools?

Bills headed towards passage in the legislative session would give tax credits to businesses and the wealthy for subsidizing private and religious schools. Mathew Goldstein outlines the drawbacks. Continue reading

Merger of UMD Campuses Needs Longer Look

There are clear advantages to merging the UMB and UMCP campuses, but the whole university system needs balanced support, especially the historically black campuses Continue reading

WMATA 29 Hour Rail Closure: A Two Way Street

Another Metro mess, and 29 hours of coping with no rail. Transit activist Lessie Henderson brings the perspective of the riders to the latest difficulty with our tattered rail transit system. Continue reading

Parren Mitchell's Legacy: a just society in a peaceable world

Parren Mitchell, Maryland's first African-American congressman, saw that the key prerequisite for racial justice was economic justice. He made his mark trying to move public resources out of the Pentagon and into social spending, and local governments came to see the benefits to that. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland's Legislative Priorities -- at Mid-Session, Where Do They Stand?

Progressive Maryland approached the 2016 General Assembly session with a distinct list of priorities. How are those priorities faring as we approach the mid-point of the session? Continue reading


Facing increased oppression by the Metro Board through privatization and cost-cutting, MetroAccess drivers are teaming up with riders to fight back against the bad service that the cutbacks bring about. Woody Woodruff describes a rally that joined these natural allies to democratize the public's transit system. Continue reading

700,000 working Marylanders deserve earned, paid sick leave

Maryland General Assembly legislators will hold critical committee hearings this week on a bill granting nearly a quarter-million Maryland workers the right to earn paid sick leave on the job. It's important that those members hear how important this issue -- before them for the fourth year in a row -- is to the health of our citizens and our economy. Continue reading

Marylanders don’t turn away those in need – including refugees

Despite our governor's ill-natured refusal to give refugees from war and devastation a place in Maryland, we are not that kind of people, activist Jean Athey says. Urge your legislators to sign on to a letter affirming our state's welcoming nature, Continue reading