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Slowly but surely, paid sick leave is on the way

Locally and at the state level, activists have pushed sorely needed paid sick leave closer to passage. In one county, it has passed. The public health and household stability benefits of paid sick leave have become well known. Continue reading

Proposed federal rules on payday lending's exploitation deserve support, need improvement

Payday lending costs 12 million vulnerable, low-income workers excessive interest payments each year. Federal regulations propose to end the "debt trap" of predatory short-term lending and need both support and improvement. Continue reading

The People’s Summit and Continuing the Political Revolution in Maryland

Progressive activists gathered in Chicago a week ago to continue the surge of resistance to business as usual exemplified by the Sanders campaign. Larry Stafford, PM executive director, reports on his impressions as a participant. Continue reading

Advocates for $15 minimum wage, tipped workers boost pack Montgomery County Council hearing

Advocates for a proposal to increase Montgomery County's minimum wage to $15 an hour -- the Fight for Fifteen -- urged the Council to include increases for tipped workers, among the county's most exploited and poorly paid. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for June 16: Fight for Fifteen!

Coming up this week: pointing toward the June 21 Montgomery County Council meeting and the push to include tipped workers in the Fight for Fifteen, a $15/hr minimum wage. Plus links to recent blog posts. Continue reading

Pride, Solidarity, and Resistance in the Wake of Orlando Shooting

At a time when pride about advances in tolerance and access for all, regardless of sexuality, should be our emotion we are instead crushed by the heartbreaking mass shooting in Orlando. Continue reading


New rules proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Board handcuff predatory lenders who made short-term loans that couldn't be repaid and had to be rolled over. That's the sleazy business model that made these predators huge profits at the expense of working families. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland's Weekly Memo for June 1, 2016

Progressive Maryland's immediate priority is getting tipped workers included in new minimum-wage legislation in Montgomery County, with a meeting June 7 and a hearing June 21. Progressive Prince George's meets June 9. Continue reading

We Are Worth More: Fight For 15 Comes to Maryland

Progressive Maryland launches a Fight for Fifteen effort in Maryland to raise the wages of low-wage workers to a level at which a minimum decent life for families is possible. Today's minimum wage laws don't come close. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland's Weekly Memo for May 25

Two early-June chapter meetings, in Montgomery (June 7) and Prince George's (June 9) kick off member-driven campaigns for better pay and better governance. Continue reading