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Enabling sprawl in Bowie on a fast track, with unintended consequences county-wide

A major change to the Subdivision Ordinance in Prince George’s is being rushed through to help one developer. County-wide impacts remain murky but could be disastrous for any Smart Growth effort Continue reading

Doorstep Convention canvass looks for families' real concerns

Will the concerns and hopes of everyday people be reflected at the major parties' political conventions? The National Doorstep Convention canvass this weekend aims to be sure that the pressure on struggling households doesn't get lost in the political glitter. Continue reading

Weekly Memo for July 11-17: County Councils in the foreground

In Prince George's it's election shenanigans, busting the general plan and more Walmart; in Montgomery it's the Fight for Fifteen, sly union-busting and backsliding on paid sick leave. Money never sleeps. Continue reading

Region Cohesion Declines -- It's a "Progrexit"

A progressive high point reached two years ago when Prince George's, Montgomery and the District got together on a minimum wage increase has not been sustained since then, with fearful official behavior and truckling to business interests creeping back in to sabotage a pro-people agenda. Continue reading

Post-Fourth Flurry -- Lots of actions in the next few weeks in the Weekly Memo from Progressive Maryland

Montgomery County tries to roll back some paid sick leave and public sector worker protections; Prince George's (and Charles!) residents fight Walmart intrusions before the District Council and public financing for elections gains traction in Howard. Plus links to the week's blog posts. Continue reading

Slowly but surely, paid sick leave is on the way

Locally and at the state level, activists have pushed sorely needed paid sick leave closer to passage. In one county, it has passed. The public health and household stability benefits of paid sick leave have become well known. Continue reading

Proposed federal rules on payday lending's exploitation deserve support, need improvement

Payday lending costs 12 million vulnerable, low-income workers excessive interest payments each year. Federal regulations propose to end the "debt trap" of predatory short-term lending and need both support and improvement. Continue reading

The People’s Summit and Continuing the Political Revolution in Maryland

Progressive activists gathered in Chicago a week ago to continue the surge of resistance to business as usual exemplified by the Sanders campaign. Larry Stafford, PM executive director, reports on his impressions as a participant. Continue reading

Advocates for $15 minimum wage, tipped workers boost pack Montgomery County Council hearing

Advocates for a proposal to increase Montgomery County's minimum wage to $15 an hour -- the Fight for Fifteen -- urged the Council to include increases for tipped workers, among the county's most exploited and poorly paid. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for June 16: Fight for Fifteen!

Coming up this week: pointing toward the June 21 Montgomery County Council meeting and the push to include tipped workers in the Fight for Fifteen, a $15/hr minimum wage. Plus links to recent blog posts. Continue reading