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Maryland Could Lead the Nation on Police Reform

Advocates for significant reform of police accountability measures in Maryland -- in the wake of notable instance of police misconduct -- packed a hearing in Annapolis as Assembly members fashioned a package for change. Continue reading

The Joy of Citizen Lobbying

Trekking to Annapolis to lobby your legislators face to face is a somewhat scripted ritual, yes. But it often has an effect, and has other compensations. Continue reading

WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED FROM THE BLOGS: An Index, June 2015 to the present

Bloggers for Progressive Maryland have covered the range of local, state and national issues important to PM activists in 42 posts since last June. Here's an index and summary of the posts so you can catch up. Continue reading

Union-Community Unity Leads to 700 Jobs Saved in Prince George’s

A mega-grocery company's backsliding after getting public benefits brought unity between workers, the community and local officials that forged a favorable outcome in a struggle with the hedge-fund mentality. Continue reading


Montgomery County's Living Wage law raised wages for employees of county contractors -- but some slick operators were cheating their employees without penalty. The County Council passed a strong enforcement package Feb. 2 to prevent this abuse. Continue reading

PM cheers family-friendly paid sick leave bills in Assembly

Progressive Maryland and allied activist groups cheered Wednesday's introduction of bills in both Assembly chambers requiring employers statewide to offer paid sick leave to many of the 700,000 Maryland workers who now have to choose between work and a sick child. Continue reading

"Unscrew the locks from the doors"

Citizens returning from incarceration are still locked out from many of the jobs that give them a path to a full life. Proactive public policy is needed to make this path easier for more returning citizens, Kurt Stand shows. Continue reading


The Maryland General Assembly formally gets under way today (Wednesday, Jan. 13) and progressive bills and policies -- in which Progressive Maryland has a big stake -- are on the line. Here's a look at the contests ahead. Continue reading

Equality MD’s innovative survival

Following up on an earlier blog post about the threat that Equality MD, an important human rights organization, might have to close its doors, Matthew Snider provides an update and better news. Continue reading

Secularizing Maryland's Health Care

Marylanders deserve better end of life options and full disclosure of which providers decline those options for religious reasons. Mathew Goldstein describes a legislative move expected early next year. Continue reading