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Good Reads for the Week from Progressive Maryland

The Progressive Maryland Weekend Reader -- (Actually because of a cyber-hiccup appearing at the beginning of the week, this week) Here’s a collection of interesting reads for progressives from inside and outside Maryland. Continue reading

Gov. Hogan’s Hypocrisy About Playing Politics with the Budget

Gov. Larry Hogan is doing some twists and turns on withholding money that the Legislature insisted he spend on the state's public education system, while rewarding private schools with taxpayer funds. His claim that he won't play politics with the budget is ringing pretty hollow these days. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for August 15-21

How to help victims cope with disasters in Silver Spring, where an apartment blew up with deadly results, and in the slow recovery from flooding in Ellicott City -- plus the slow, stealthy disaster of tipped workers in Montgomery County with a separate minimum wage of $4 an hour. Plus summaries and links for our recent blog posts. Continue reading

Introducing PM’s Weekend Reader: smart growth, community internet, community supported fisheries and Maryland’s mental health crisis

Introducing a weekend reading list, as if you needed another one: good reads, mostly about Maryland, in our PM Weekend Reader. Continue reading

There's voting. And then there's the other 364

In a presidential election year constantly labeled the "lesser of two evils" election, Rob Anthony talks us through his thinking on how to decide: Clinton or Trump, Trump or Clinton.... Continue reading

Bernie Sanders ran on an anti-racism platform

Can an economic program such as Bernie Sanders's make progress in ending racism in US society? Hal Ginsberg turns to the evidence of history to argue that it can. Continue reading

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for August 8-14

In Montgomery County, Restaurant Week is supposed to promote the good eats you can get in the county? But who benefits from the crowds flocking to the table? Not the servers and other restaurant workers, whose tipped wage is $4 an hour. Learn how to change this. Continue reading

We're Addicted to Unnecessary Water Waste

We like it sunny, not rainy -- but we need that rain, and we need to use it to replenish our supplies, not pollute it and send it down the river. Liza Field, a guest blogger, makes the case for personal and public water consciousness Continue reading

An index of Maryland-related issues in the PM BlogSpace June 2015 to the present

Here's a specific index of the blog posts related to Maryland state issues we have published since beginning this BlogSpace in June 2015. Continue reading

A plea to progressives to beat Trump by backing Clinton

Hal Ginsberg argues that despite the temptations of third-party candidates and their more progressive stances, beating Trump and retaining a moderately progressive national administration can only be accomplished by a Clinton-Kaine victory. Continue reading