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Assembly Endgame: strategizing replaces legislating as adjournment looms and cost-free victories are handed to Gov. Hogan

For the Assembly leadership, the fear of losing and looking weak is outweighing the duty to make some good law, and some good bills are foundering as a result. Continue reading

Paid sick leave now up to the Senate after House approval

The full House of Delegates passed a paid sick leave bill Tuesday after four years of death by committee. The Senate needs to follow suit, moving it from the Finance Committee to the floor and clearing the way for 700,000 uncovered Marylanders to have a chance at a better life. Continue reading

The Week Ahead: Progressive Maryland's Monday Memo

The week ahead is about getting good bills through the General Assembly as the session nears an end, working to register and turn out voters for the Primary April 26, and fighting against Walmart and for planning for people in Prince George's County. Continue reading


Expansions to Maryland's Earned Income Tax Credit will significantly benefit low-income workers, but some legislators want to offset these benefits with additional tax cuts for the wealthy.  Continue reading

DC area Metrorail's future requires dedicated new funding source

The decades of deferred maintenance and trimming of funds have left the once-gleaming national capital rail system in a mess. Bill Mosley writes that only a dedicated source of regionally based funding can give it a permanent new lease on life. Continue reading

Paid Sick Leave for Marylanders, After Four Years, Makes It to the House Floor

Advocates have pressed for four years for a way for 700,000 Maryland low-income workers to earn paid sick leave on the job. The House version of the bill has finally made it past the money committee and will get a vote on the floor. Continue reading

Getting your information in Maryland's current media landscape

News on paper has ebbed badly over the past few years, and casual Net browsing just may not bring you the whole truth. How can progressive Marylanders improve their quality of information? Continue reading

School improvement -- or tax dollars for religious indoctrination in private schools?

Bills headed towards passage in the legislative session would give tax credits to businesses and the wealthy for subsidizing private and religious schools. Mathew Goldstein outlines the drawbacks. Continue reading

Merger of UMD Campuses Needs Longer Look

There are clear advantages to merging the UMB and UMCP campuses, but the whole university system needs balanced support, especially the historically black campuses Continue reading

WMATA 29 Hour Rail Closure: A Two Way Street

Another Metro mess, and 29 hours of coping with no rail. Transit activist Lessie Henderson brings the perspective of the riders to the latest difficulty with our tattered rail transit system. Continue reading