Donald Trump has announced he will bring his hate-fueled campaign to Maryland April 19. He won't spew his anti-immigrant, anti-worker garbage uncontested, as our news release indicates.


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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plans to stage a campaign rally in Maryland April 19 will be contested by progressive activists who say his hate speech has no place in the Free State.

“Maryland’s votes may have become important in this hot GOP campaign” said Progressive Maryland Executive Director Larry Stafford, “but it is equally important to affirm that the racist and hateful tone that Trump has brought to the campaign is totally alien to Maryland.”

Stafford said Progressive Maryland and allied activist groups would be urging their members and others to make sure that Trump’s typical pageant-spectacular of venom against communities of color and other non-billionaires would get a Maryland welcome.

Asserting that the minimum wage was already too high and that his union-busting, sleazy corporate practices were a way to “make America great again” shows Trump’s reliance on the role of the hate-spewing demagogue, Stafford said.

“Trump’s blame-based appeal to resentment and fear of the other has attracted many who are in fact the victims of the very law-evading businesses that he exemplifies,” Stafford said. “Marylanders will see through this and he will not get a free pass in our state to spew his kind of hate.”



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