The week ahead is about getting good bills through the General Assembly as the session nears an end, working to register and turn out voters for the Primary April 26, and fighting against Walmart and for planning for people in Prince George's County.

MONDAY MEMO from Progressive Maryland <> April 4

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Good morning Maryland progressives,

This week Progressive Maryland will be working these projects:

  1. 1.      Getting police reform, a clean EITC bill,  justice reinvestment and paid sick leave safely through the General Assembly. This is the Assembly’s last full week before the April 11 adjournment, and there’s a lot of fast-moving business on its plate and many chances for bad things to happen to good bills. Watch for our alerts.
  • Building a movement to hold Walmart accountable in Prince George’s County, both the proposed enlargement of the Capital Plaza site and disrupting the Duvall neighborhood with a proposed new store. In the next week it’s likely that a Planning
    Board hearing date will be announced for the Capital Plaza plan.
  • Registering and motivating voters for the important Maryland primaries April 26 – yes, it’s that soon. Take the Pledge! Early voting begins Thursday, April 14 (through April 27).

Last week the BlogSpace brought you:

  • An update on how a good bill – an improvement on Maryland’s Earned Income Tax Credit – got loaded up with tax breaks for the rich in the Senate, and how it could be fixed in the House – but not without citizen input.
  • A detailed and historical discussion of Metro’s funding needs and how local and state governments need to be pushed to do their part.
  • The heavy lifting that it took to finally get earned paid sick leave for 700,000 uncovered Marylanders – many of them low-income and struggling – out of a House committee.

Stick with Progressive Maryland to stay informed, and with our Facebook page to stay updated, while the General Assembly is heading for session’s end – and after. Then, the hard day to day work of citizenship and fighting for ordinary people is on the table. Power yields nothing without a demand, Frederick Douglass said, and being organized gives us power to fight back.

P.S. And here are the previous week’s blog posts, in case you missed them

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