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Weekly Memo -- Tuesday Night Fight for Fifteen Plan Meeting Tops Agenda

All politics local this week: News and future events in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George's and Charles counties plus the Loan Sharknado and a smorgasbord of recent blogs. Continue reading

The Info File: index to Progressive Maryland blog posts since June 2015

The Progressive Maryland PM BlogSpace has hosted 108 posts since June 2015 -- a storehouse of information on state and local governance and activism. Here's an index with links. Continue reading

Support grows for even stronger payday lending regulations

Twenty-eight Democratic US Senators have joined the call supporting the federal payday lending regulation proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- and urging that they be made even stronger. Continue reading

Unions, progressive allies fight antilabor bill in Montgomery

Montgomery County Council members heard loud and clear from unions and their progressive allies that a bill tilting the field against labor in arbitration would not sneak through. Continue reading

The Doorstep Convention Counters the Anger and Bigotry of the RNC

The National Doorstep Convention came to Maryland last weekend as Progressive Maryland volunteers took the pulse of everyday people, their issues and concerns, as a presidential election approaches. Continue reading

Enabling sprawl in Bowie on a fast track, with unintended consequences county-wide

A major change to the Subdivision Ordinance in Prince George’s is being rushed through to help one developer. County-wide impacts remain murky but could be disastrous for any Smart Growth effort Continue reading

Doorstep Convention canvass looks for families' real concerns

Will the concerns and hopes of everyday people be reflected at the major parties' political conventions? The National Doorstep Convention canvass this weekend aims to be sure that the pressure on struggling households doesn't get lost in the political glitter. Continue reading

Weekly Memo for July 11-17: County Councils in the foreground

In Prince George's it's election shenanigans, busting the general plan and more Walmart; in Montgomery it's the Fight for Fifteen, sly union-busting and backsliding on paid sick leave. Money never sleeps. Continue reading

Region Cohesion Declines -- It's a "Progrexit"

A progressive high point reached two years ago when Prince George's, Montgomery and the District got together on a minimum wage increase has not been sustained since then, with fearful official behavior and truckling to business interests creeping back in to sabotage a pro-people agenda. Continue reading

Post-Fourth Flurry -- Lots of actions in the next few weeks in the Weekly Memo from Progressive Maryland

Montgomery County tries to roll back some paid sick leave and public sector worker protections; Prince George's (and Charles!) residents fight Walmart intrusions before the District Council and public financing for elections gains traction in Howard. Plus links to the week's blog posts. Continue reading