We're all reeling from Trump's election and asking ourselves what happened.

Trump's election is bringing to the forefront that the progressive change we need is very fundamentally economic. Not job programs etc. but about profit and debt and where the riches are going. Think Occupy plus Black Lives Matter plus a renewed labor movement.

I'm remembering Pete Seeger's song "The Banks Are Made of Marble." The verses need updating to include women's work, and to recognize national and global white supremacy.

And Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise."

The Clintons are embedded in the financial class- no wonder people stayed home. And Bernie was clueless about race. It was evil of Trump to incite misogyny, racism and xenophobia for his personal gain. In winning, he exposed the American reality. Some of us saw dimly; now we can all see more clearly.

This is a time for all those Trump maligned and the straight white men who see this reality, to affirm our unity and arise together. We may need to pray together first, for courage and humility.