When October 07, 2017 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
Where Lawyer's Mall, Annapolis Annapolis, MD 21401, United States
Contact Beth Landry [email protected]

Speakers to include:

Andrew Duck, Candidate for MD CD 6
Allison Galbraith, Candidate for MD CD 1
Mike Hersh, Progressive Democrats of America
Healthcare is a Human Right - Maryland
Dr. Nadia Hashimi, ER Pediatrician/Author/Candidate for MD CD 6
Jared Schablein, President of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus
Charles Smith, Progressive Maryland Prince George’s Fair Elections Fellow
More to be announced soon.

6:00-6:30 pm
Candlelight Vigil:
The events of Sunday, October 1st in Las Vegas are disturbing and tragic, with details unfolding as we can get them to what provoked this terror attack killing over 50 and injuring over 400 at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival near the Mandalay Bay Casino.
Progressive Maryland's Maryland for Guaranteed Healthcare Campaign will host a candlelight vigil for the victims and injured. Hundreds of people lost a loved one in this obscene act. The hundreds of injured people, in addition to the risk to their lives and health, are now potentially being thrown into neverending medical debt - because they were at a music festival.
Everyone is a patient. It's just a matter of when. A car accident, an animal bite, or a bullet from an assault rifle are now everyday realities of this nation. With the exact inspiration of the attack in Las Vegas still unknown, it is absolutely essential that mental health be a requirement of the coverage every American is guaranteed to, for prevention and remediation. Healthcare is a human right, and it is a disservice to our nation and our values to exclude it from legislative priorities.
 6:30-7:30 pm
Healthcare Rally:
Over the last nine months, hundreds of thousands of organizers, activists, and constituents worked together to stop conservative members of Congress from repealing the Affordable Care Act and making radical changes to Medicaid that would devastate our communities while giving billions in tax breaks to the rich and corporations. It was a great, hard-fought victory but we know the battle isn’t over yet.
Right now, conservatives are trying to pass another massive tax cut package for the wealthy and corporations paid for by cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, education, and other services for working families in the FY2018 federal budget, including our Congressional District 1 Representative, Andy Harris. In early October, conservative Senators are planning a vote on a fast-track reconciliation process that could result in big tax breaks paid by devastating healthcare cuts like the ones we just saw proposed under ACA repeal proposals.
None of these proposed pieces of legislation have been worth the paper they're printed on. Elected officials like Governor Hogan and Representative Harris do not offer the solutions that Maryland residents need, and DESERVE! While our Governor is occasionally offering lukewarm statements that we should all be playing in the sandbox together, Rep. Harris is fighting tooth and nail to reroute money for the healthcare of his constituents to the pockets of his donors and corporations.
Neither of these strategies remotely benefit Marylanders.
We are speaking out AGAIN for every elected official in our state to do what is best for the people. We are the people we are waiting for to do what is right.
The answer is not GUTTING the ACA. In fact, it's not even the status quo. The REAL answer is universal healthcare - everybody in, nobody out!
Will you come?