House Party/ Small Gathering  FAQ

To Host a House Party (small gathering), email Seanniece Bamiro ([email protected]).


Q: What is a house party?

A: A house party is a small gathering of people at any venue.


Q: What kind of venue?

A: You can host a house party at your home, church, community center, to name a few.


Q: Who comes to house parties?

A: House parties can be exclusive to your friends/family/co-worker circle. It can also be open to the community.


Q: How do I prep for the party?

  1. Set a time and date for the party. Send an email about the details to Seanniece Bamiro [email protected]

  2. Make a list of the people you want to be at your party.

  3. Contact your list and invite them to the party.

  4. Ask 1 or 2 other people to co-host the event for you.

  5. Send out reminders 2 weeks before the event.

  6. Print out or write the agenda (below) on a board or poster paper.

  7. Create a sign-in sheet.

  8. Decide if you want snack and beverages.

  9. Send an additional reminder 3 days before the event.


Q: What will we discuss at the event?

A: It's easy. Here's a sample agenda:


  • Introductions

  • Tell your personal story!

    • What issues are near to your heart? What do you envision for Prince George’s?

  • Video

    • Play the video about the co-op

    • Pass out the sheets explaining the co-op

  • Will you join?

    • Ask members to join the co-op

    • Ask members if they want to throw a house party

    • Pass out membership sheets


Q: What do I do at the event?

A: Just follow these simple steps:

  • Welcome guests and ask them to sign-in

  • Follow the agenda (above)

  • Scan or take a picture of sign-in sheet and send it to Seanniece Bamiro ([email protected])