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Good morning well, evening, progressive Marylanders,

 This week Progressive Maryland has these priorities:

  • Building from our successful Progressive Prince George’s meeting in the South County last week.
  • Strengthening a movement to hold Walmart accountable in Prince George’s, both the proposed enlargement of the Capital Plaza site and disrupting the Duvall neighborhood with a proposed new store. The Planning Board has scheduled a May 5 public hearing on the Capital Plaza plan.

Watch PM BlogSpace this week for more posts on the Walmart effort, on the Prince George’s budget process and the problems it embodies, and with more followup on the Assembly session.

Last week the BlogSpace brought you::

  • A detailed account of Walmart’s history of duplicity and profiteering as it tries to gain advantage at present and preposed store sites. Progressive Cheverly members have long fought expansion of the Capital Plaza store.
  • The reaction of Progressive Maryland and its allies to reports of a Donald Trump campaign visit to Maryland. The first dates floated turned out to be less than factual, but progressives are still ready to give the hate-spewing GOP front-runner a Maryland welcome when he comes to the state April 20 (now confirmed).
  • Two overlapping perspectives on the end of the Assembly session, with its victories and disappointments.

Check them out now if you missed them.

Stick with Progressive Maryland to stay informed, and with our Facebook page to stay updated as the primary election approaches. As always, the hard day to day work of citizenship and fighting for ordinary people is on the table. Power yields nothing without a demand, Frederick Douglass said, and being organized gives us power to fight back.

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