Returning Citizens Task Force of Progressive Maryland Opens Request For Proposals with New Grant Funding

Prince George's County, Maryland -- The Returning Citizens Task Force (RCTF) of Progressive Maryland is inviting proposals for projects that will support services for citizens in Prince George’s County who are re-entering society from prison. The funds have been generously provided by an individual donor who witnessed, was impressed with, and wants to support Progressive Maryland’s reentry work in the county. This is the second cycle of grants for direct service providers in our community – recipients in 2022-2023 helped support transitional housing, connection to health service, work with at-risk youth, peer mentoring programs, trauma informed care, and the use of creative arts as a means to fully re-enter society.

The application process is now open. The RCTF will accept proposals through July 31 and applicants will be notified of the acceptance (or non-acceptance) of their proposal by August 25. Please note that the grant is for services provided in Prince George’s County, and we require an in-person staff presence in our community. Although any organization may apply, our focus is on smaller service providers. Additional requirements and information as to how to submit a proposal are included in the RFP on this page.

A participatory grant-making committee, made up of individuals either impacted by the justice system or working with those directly impacted, will guide and oversee the proposal selection process. Grants will be awarded in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 each.

The RCTF was formed in 2019 to respond to an unmet need – the lack of transitional housing and programs, social services, and jobs for returning citizens in Prince George's County. Much progress has been made since then, but much more is still needed.  The group continues to advocate for voter access and education, ending barriers to jobs and housing, improving access to medical care and provision of other services to ensure returning residents’ successful reintegration into our communities. 

Progressive Maryland believes that the state as a whole must address the needs of people impacted by the criminal justice system at all levels as part of a broader people’s agenda to meet all Marylanders needs for housing, education, health care and jobs at a living wage to ensure returning residents’ successful reintegration into our communities. Learn more about the RCTF and get involved here.