This will be the year we get earned, paid sick leave for the 750,000 Maryland workers currently without it. Rally tomorrow night in Annapolis to bring a full-coverage bill to passage and squelch the governor's watered-down version. NOTE UPDATED LOCATION

TOMORROW EVENING, (January 23, 7 p.m.) at UPDATED LOCATION DUE TO WEATHER House Office Building room 150 in Annapolis – rally for paid sick days legislationthis will be the year at last. The address is 6 Bladen St., Annapolis MD 21401


Even Larry Hogan recognizes that the time for earned, paid sick leave for 750,000 Marylanders currently having to choose between a paycheck and a sick child has arrived.

The Governor’s watered-down proposal, however, protects most businesses and has a weak paid sick leave requirement only for businesses so large they often already offer it to employees.

The solid bill we are backing provides it for the most vulnerable:

  • Parents who risk a missed paycheck at the least and firing at worst for taking time off to take a sick child to the doctor.
  • Workers who must go to work sick – at risk to their health and that of their co-workers and customers. No food service workers should have to face that choice – but they are some of those most affected by the lack of paid sick leave, and those who would most benefit from getting it. Public health demands it, as well.

Find out more about the rally and the cause here, and sign up to join those rallying for it at



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