When February 04, 2017 at 12:00pm 2 hrs

Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, his cabinet nominees, his fight against immigrants and refugees and his fight against working families ALL affect Maryland. 

It is time for Governor Hogan to step up and speak out against the Trump Administration. 

Join us for a rally at noon on Saturday in front of the Governors house to call on him to:

Fight against the muslim ban and broader attacks against immigrants
Fight against Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court 
Fight against Betsy Devos and attempts to privatize education
Fight against Tom Price and attempts to destroy the ACA

And to 
Fight FOR a $15 minimum wage for workers
Fight FOR the Trust Act to protect Maryland immigrants 
Fight FOR the LGBTQ community 
Fight FOR women's rights and all minority communities. 
Fight FOR clean air, clean water and against climate change.

Will you come?