Black Lives Matter--Now is the time to ensure Liberty and Justice for All

During this time of nationwide protests in support of Black Lives Matter, I have realized I must take a more active role toward a better world, America, Maryland, and local community. Due to COVID-19, mingling among crowds of protesters is not a safe choice for my family, but I want to find other ways to have an impact, such as writing or editing. I attended a Zoom event sponsored by PM last evening, and was impressed by the powerful stories some of the speakers had to share, as well as the readiness to act I noted from the organizers. I also noted the diverse group of people participating and listening in. Furthermore, I find myself generally in agreement about the importance of the issues PM lists as "Campaigns", most of which touch on a theme of justice--racial, economic, environmental, or political.

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I grew up in Rockville, but have lived other places, too. Today is Juneteenth 2020, and there's no better time to sign up to help make our society better.
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