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    Tell Lawmakers To Stand Firm On $15 minimum Wage For Maryland

    Yesterday, Maryland lawmakers took an important step to help working families statewide get a higher minimum wage by passing a $15 minimum wage bill.

    The measure raises wages for hundreds of thousands of workers across our state and helps create economic justice for Marylanders. Your advocacy and support helped us reach this milestone.

    But our work isn't done.

    The $15 minimum wage bill is now on Governor Larry Hogan's desk where he is likely to veto it. Thankfully, our advocacy ensured the bill passed with enough votes to override Hogan's veto.

    Sign here to urge your legislators to continue their support of Maryland's working families and make the $15 minimum wage a reality.

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    If Governor Larry Hogan vetoes the $15 minimum wage, we need you to stand up and reject it by voting to override it.

    Maryland working families have waited too long for a wage that helps all of us take care of our basic needs. We need a $15 minimum wage and its time is NOW.

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