Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan has been notoriously SILENT on...basically everything that matters to people of Maryland. This is especially true of healthcare. Hundreds of thousands of people of Maryland are at risk of losing coverage for healthcare through Medicaid and CHIP, as well as being disqualified for pre-existing conditions. For those who would qualify for coverage, their premiums are predicted to increase by thousands of dollars, for some tens of thousands of dollars annually. 


Where is Hogan on this issue? 





You may have seen the Baltimore Sun's report depicting the Governor's office on national healthcare proposals in the Senate:


"We know the current system needs to be fixed, but the proposals that are being considered in Congress do not work for Maryland," Hogan spokeswoman Amelia Chasse said in a statement — the strongest the governor's office has issued on the issue. "Congress should go back to the drawing board in an open, transparent fashion to craft a bill that works for all Americans," she said.

Well, that's Mrs. Chasse speaking,  but we want to hear it from Hogan himself: what proposals WOULD work for Maryland? We at Progressive Maryland want to know what our Governor thinks about these disastrous bills and the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act! It's time for Governor Hogan to come out LOUDLY, PUBLICLY and FIRMLY against any legislation in the U.S. Senate or state of Maryland that would withdraw people wholesale from life-saving and life-sustaining medical coverage and treatment!*


Tax cuts for millionaires while the middle- and low-income people suffer?!


We at Progressive Maryland say NO WAY!

Let us know you agree!


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"Tell Congress: Don't Take Away Our Healthcare to Give Tax Breaks to the Rich & Corporations"

Maryland-specific Fact Sheet!


"Veterans Protect Our Freedom, Tell Congress to Protect Their Healthcare!" Fact Leaflet for Veterans


 * 7/18 Amendment: With the dissolution of support for the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act, the message has been made clear that a “clean repeal of Obamacare without any replacement” is now the intended goal for conservative healthcare reform. Prior petition language named specific bills. None of the specific legislative attempts on healthcare reform have targeted increasing access and quality healthcare for Marylanders and Americans. Names of bills have been withdrawn and replaced with the ask of the Governor to oppose ANY legislation that harms healthcare for the people of our state and nation.