voting_arrow.jpgElection Day is tomorrow -- an election in the midst of a resurgent COVID-19 pandemic that is Topic A in the political discussion. Nationally and even locally we may have to defend a complete count. Let's be alert. As always, the PM Weekly Memo has what you need for the week -- pandemic info, voting info, our endorsed candidates and details about how progressives plan to win, defend democracy -- and govern. Read on.

Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, November 2, 2020





Baltimore City:

Brandon Scott for Baltimore City Mayor

Bill Henry for Baltimore City Comptroller

Zeke Cohen for Baltimore City Council, District 1

Danielle McCray for Baltimore City Council, District 2

Ryan Dorsey for Baltimore City Council, District 3

Kris Burnett for Baltimore City Council, District 8

John Bullock for Baltimore City Council, District 9

Phylicia Porter for Baltimore City Council, District 10

Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council, District 12

Odette Ramos for Baltimore City Council, District 14

Calvert County:

Antoine White for Calvert County School Board, District 2

Montgomery County:

Marylin Pierre for Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge

Sunil Dasgupta for Montgomery County Board of Education At Large

Prince George’s County:

April Ademiluyi for Prince George's County Circuit Court Judge

Gladys Weatherspoon for Prince George's County Circuit Court Judge 

[Ademiluyi and Weatherspoon have also been endorsed by our national affiliate People’s Action.]

David Murray for Prince George's County Board of Education, District 1

Shayla Adams-Stafford for Prince George's County Board of Education, District 4

Raaheela Ahmed for Prince George's County Board of Education, District 5   [Also endorsed by People’s Action]

Kenneth Harris for Prince George's County Board of Education, District 7  

Edward Burroughs for Prince George's County Board of Education, District 8

Lower Shore & Northern Maryland Counties:

Mia Mason for Congress, Congressional District 1

Click individual links to visit campaign web sites.  See the list of endorsements on our website here.

Want to volunteer as poll workers for Progressive Maryland endorsees (above)? Here are some contacts:

-- If people want to volunteer at the polls for “Yes for A”  Baltimore County ballot initiative, they can contact me, Zach, at [email protected] or 410-775-6274


Please vote! The 2020 election is the most consequential for our country in decades.  And be sure to vote up and down the ballot in addition to casting your vote forvoting_arrow.jpg President. Local office holders can make a significant difference on the economic, racial and social justice issues we work on.

If you received a ballot in the mail be sure to complete it, sign it and DROP IT OFF at a secure ballot box at voting sites. Check your County Board of Elections website for locations. Ballots must be dropped off no later than 8:00 pm Tuesday, November 3.

You can also vote in person! Precautions have been taken to create safe voting sites and procedures.  Early voting continues on  Monday November 2 until 8:00 p.m. Or vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, from 7:00 a.m until 8:00 p.m. Be sure to check your County Board of Election website to view a list of available  polling places for each day. 

Are you or is someone in your family or circle of friends not registered to vote? It’s not too late--people can register  to vote on November 3 at the polls.   Check the Board of Elections to see what forms of ID are needed.

Questions? Concerns? Here are the Election Protection Hotlines:   866-OUR-VOTE (866 687 8683) Spanish 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888 839-8682) 

Protect your identity. Even after you have voted, alertness is necessary. The WaPo reports “Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (D) is warning state residents about scammers who are calling voters, pretending to be from the Board of Elections and asking for Social Security numbers to process ballots.” 

Protecting Everyone’s Vote A batch of national events under the umbrella of  “Protect the Results”  are scheduled, including a half-dozen in Maryland. “Count Every Vote MD” activists gather Wednesday, November 4, in Annapolis’s government neighborhood to urge Gov. Larry Hogan to see to it that all votes are counted, all voices heard. 

COVID-19 Update


The United States is seeing a significant increase in reported virus cases and hospitalizations around the country, especially in the Midwest. This trend underscores the need for us as individuals to do our part to help manage this crisis. It also shows how urgent it is for elected officials to do their part to support public health guidelines and recommendations.  Everyone needs to mask up, keep physical distancing, wash hands frequently and avoid gatherings of more than ten people. This will help reduce the spread of the virus;  ignoring the guidelines as Trump and Pence have done at their events contributes to outbreaks and puts all of us  at risk.

Keep these facts in mind, as well as the public policy response to the economic and health consequences of COVID, when you vote. Not just for President and Vice President but for other offices as well.  When it comes to Board of Education candidates for example find out if they favor a plan for a safe, comprehensive, fully resourced and equitable return to in-school learning. At our October statewide COVID Forum we heard from teachers and health advocates about the state of the state in Maryland; and about the challenges and needs we face. A link to some of the resources our speakers referenced is  shared  here.   

In Maryland we are facing a number of pandemic related problems:  the significant racial disparities in COVID cases and health outcomes, thousands of renters on the brink of eviction, and far too many unemployed residents not receiving UI benefit payments due to all the processing problems in the system.  And yet the Governor is not in regular communication with residents, community groups, and local officials  about how he’s managing the crisis. This has led to a great deal of confusion when it comes to developing public health and re-opening policies. It’s time our Governor express tangible support for our teachers and public workers; and provide collaborative leadership. We deserve better.  Please sign and share this petition to the Governor TODAY.


TONIGHT (Nov. 2) at 5:30 PM there will be a standing vigil along 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC from the White House to Silver Spring, MD hosted by First Baptist of DC and Foundry UMC to shine a light for a just, peaceful, livable future for all. As we know, 16th Street, NW is DC’s “corridor of faith”, a 6.5 mile stretch lined by nearly 50 houses of worship. All are welcome this evening. Participants should be masked and socially distanced while gathering at a house of worship or any convenient point (major intersections for instance) along 16th Street NW --  Bring lights and, if you wish, cardboard signs, non electoral please.

 November 12-13 - Meeting the Moment: Building a more resilient nation (a virtual gathering), hosted by the Progressive Caucus Action Fund and the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center. Click to register; there’s a great line-up of speakers expected, including People’s Action director George Goehl, who plans to discuss our deep canvassing efforts. All member group leaders, advocates and grassroots activists are invited to participate. 



 Progressive Prince George’s

We've been talking with voters about our endorsed school board candidate in District 4, Shayla-Adams Stafford, as well as some others on our slate. Early voting ends tonight, at centers throughout the county, and tomorrow is Election Day. If you still have your mail ballot, put it in a drop box today or tomorrow. And don’t forget you can register to vote tomorrow, at the same time you vote. Be sure you have a proof of current address.


PMD Montgomery

We’ll be at the polls for our candidates Marylin Pierre for Circuit Judge and Sunil for School Board At-large, today and tomorrow. 

 Frederick County Progressives

-- If people want to volunteer at the polls for “Yes for A”  Baltimore County ballot initiative, they can contact me, Zach, at [email protected] or 410-775-6274

Take Action Anne Arundel County

Talbot Rising

Lower Shore Progressive Caucus 



Wednesday, Nov. 4   A batch of national events under the umbrella of  “Protect the Results” is scheduled, including a half-dozen in Maryland. “Count Every Vote MD” activists gather Wednesday, November 4, in Annapolis’s government neighborhood to urge Gov. Larry Hogan to see to it that all votes are counted, all voices heard. Most Maryland events are Wednesday (Columbia, Catonsville, Frederick, Baltimore) but others vary (Laurel, Eastern Shore) -- visit the map.

November 17 and 19 | Building an Antiracist Economy in Maryland 

Virtual reports and panel discussion presented by the Maryland Center on Economic Policy. Info and registration to come. A progressive think tank on the model of EPI; you can sign up for their email list here.


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October 28, 2020 Where is it easiest (and hardest) to vote? Where is Maryland?

Maryland's barriers to voting are few compared to some other states, but that doesn't mean we should be complacent. And in states where voting IS hard, we might consider how to help our friends and their neighbors get their votes counted. See where our state falls in the rankings, easiest to hardest.

October 27, 2020 Highlighting our endorsed candidates statewide as Early Voting is under way NOW in Maryland

Progressive Marylanders: Early voting is under way right now and continues through November 2, the day before Election Day November 3. It includes Saturday (Oct. 31) and Sunday (Nov. 1) and runs from 7 AM to 8 PM in most locations. Get more voting information below, and check out Progressive Maryland's endorsed candidates, chosen after careful vetting and questionnaires to be sure we are backing progressive candidates. See all of our Progressive Maryland endorsees HERE. Today, we highlight our endorsees in Calvert, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and in the Congressional race in District 1. Read on.

October 26, 2020 Progressive Maryland Weekly Memo for Monday, October 26, 2020

EARLY VOTING BEGINS TODAY and runs till next Monday, Nov. 2 Early voting starts today! Early voting centers will be open from 7:00AM-8:00 PM. Click here to find an early voting center in your county. Early voting is available each and every day from today, October 26, until Monday, Nov.2. from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. including on Saturday and Sunday.  Safety procedures like distancing will be in place. Remember to mask up.

October 25, 2020 EARLY VOTING BEGINS TOMORROW -- Check out our endorsed candidates and VOTE

Progressive Marylanders: Early voting statewide begins TOMORROW – Monday, October 26 – and continues through November 2, the day before Election Day November 3. It includes Saturday (Oct. 31) and Sunday (Nov. 1) and runs from 7 AM to 8 PM in most locations. On how to vote, and who Progressive Maryland is backing, read on...

October 12, 2020 Fines, fees dog returning citizens here -- not just in Florida

Marylanders shocked by Florida's vindictive requirement that ex-felons must pay off all fees before they can vote should know that equally onerous requirements hobble returning citizens iin Maryland as well. In Florida, GOP legislators connived to suppress votes after the state's voters, in a referendum, determined that ex-felons should enjoy the right to vote. In Maryland, not so dramatically, the impediiments to resumng life in society pile up with equal, remorseless tenacity. Maryland Matters's Hannah Gaskill recounts testimony from the Job Opportunities Task Force, our progressive ally organization focusing on the ways poverty is criminalized and perpetuated in our state.

October 06, 2020 With no special session, MD legislators are ignoring their responsibilities

Time is running out for the Maryland General Assembly to do what its clear duties require and meet in Special Session to finish their work from the cut-off session in spring 2020 and remedy the shortfalls of the Hogan administration in keeping the state's people and economy protected from the effects of COVID-19.

Here, a participant in the recent People's Special Session recounts how the leaders of the Assembly tried -- and failed -- to pre-empt or muffle these demands by crashing the People's Special Session.

As Rashad Lloyd says here in a Maryland Matters commentary, "The people won’t forget the harm the General Assembly has caused by failing to take action. We certainly won’t forget this moment when they’re up for reelection in 2022."

See more of our PM BlogSpace coverage on the need for a special session here and here.

September 23, 2020 Progressives line up against MoCo Question B with citizen group

Progressive Marylanders in Montgomery County have been fighting, with allies, to defeat the right-wing stealth measure Question B that would cripple public services in the county with a tax-break windfall for the rich. Adam Pagnucco in the Seventh State blog updates that fight as a new umbrella coalition is launched by a citizen group with many of those allies. Stay updated with Montgomery Neighbors Against B Coalition at and at our Facebook and Twitter @mocoagainstb 

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